Friday, December 2, 2011

Potty Training

My daughter Mimi-pants turned 3 last week.  We started telling her a week or two before that once she turned 3 she wouldn't be able to wear diapers during the day anymore.  This was kind of a big deal for us because she's been trying to pee by herself since she was 18 months but she didn't seem to make the connection between the pressure of having to pee and actually peeing.  Entertaining (but really inconvenient) when she starts peeing and backs up away from it trying to figure out what was happening, leaving a trail of pee.  Thank goodness for very little carpet!

Three days of lots of accidents, and she's got it down.  Cute unders help, but potty treats have been very persuasive.  Our favorites are these crazy marshmallows we found at Walmart.  Cheap, lots of flavor, no fat.  I love marshmallows.

Amazingly, she's been dry every morning since we started this thing.  Apparently she's better at subconsciously controlling her body.  Now if we could just get 5-year-old Fe-Fe-poo out of his night-time pullups...

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