Monday, December 5, 2011

Star Wars

The husband and I decided to finally get Star Wars out for Fe-Fe-poo.  We wanted to wait till he could appreciate it.  He was suitably enthralled.

At the end of the movie, the husband asked him what his favorite part was.

"They were... It was... It was...  {big sigh} I love you, Daddy!"

Friday, December 2, 2011

About Me

I'm Heather.  Terrible housekeeper, chronically sleep-deprived, crafter, seamstress, cook, traveler, collector, photographer.

My husband is Brent.  Comic book nerd, super geek, movie buff, amateur political commentator, artist extraordinaire.

We have 3 little monsters.

Fe-Fe-poo is 4 1/2.  Smart, asthmatic, allergic, nose picker, builder, imagination supreme.

Mimi-pants is 3.  Crazy red hair, huge vocabulary, singer, squealer and whiner, charmer.

Little Oz is 1.  Short and heavy, Cupid's mild-mannered alter-ego, fluffy fro, big blue eyes.

Feel free to email me with questions, concerns, requests, suggestions, and whatever else might cross your mind:

Texts from Bennett

I don't have a smart phone.  Sometimes I wish I had one, but I'm way too cheap.

A friend linked to a site called Texts from Bennett.  It makes me lose hope for the future.  Also, it makes me laugh really hard.  Be warned that there's a whole lot of swearing.  This kid (the author claims the texts are real and from his 17-year-old cousin) is vile and a whole lot of stupid.

Is it prejudiced to say that I like laughing at stupid people?

Potty Training

My daughter Mimi-pants turned 3 last week.  We started telling her a week or two before that once she turned 3 she wouldn't be able to wear diapers during the day anymore.  This was kind of a big deal for us because she's been trying to pee by herself since she was 18 months but she didn't seem to make the connection between the pressure of having to pee and actually peeing.  Entertaining (but really inconvenient) when she starts peeing and backs up away from it trying to figure out what was happening, leaving a trail of pee.  Thank goodness for very little carpet!

Three days of lots of accidents, and she's got it down.  Cute unders help, but potty treats have been very persuasive.  Our favorites are these crazy marshmallows we found at Walmart.  Cheap, lots of flavor, no fat.  I love marshmallows.

Amazingly, she's been dry every morning since we started this thing.  Apparently she's better at subconsciously controlling her body.  Now if we could just get 5-year-old Fe-Fe-poo out of his night-time pullups...

Homemade Wire Baskets

Someone online was creative enough to make their own wire mesh baskets using this stuff.  It's called Hardware Cloth and it's found in the gardening section of stores like The Home Depot and Lowe's.  I got my roll for like $13 and in this picture I've used a bunch already.  It started out like 10 feet long by 2 feet wide.  There are different sizes.

Considering that purchasing a basket costs anywhere from $8 to $30, I think this is a deal!
 I didn't take any pics of the cut out shapes, but basically I used a bunch of the wire just figuring out what I wanted.  My husband requested something (3 of them actually) he could hang on the side of his desk.  I cut it using wire cutters (gave myself a blister - it's work cutting so many pieces of wire!) and there was a lot of trial and error.  I did make a basket that was the same size at the top as at the bottom, but I thought it would be too difficult to put your hands in. 
 Also, since the edges were newly-cut wire, I needed something to make them less poky.  I was going to make a liner, but duct tape was a whole lot less effort.

 I "sewed" the raw edges together with 18-gauge crafting wire that I had just hanging around.  Yeah, I have lots of supplies like that hanging around, but if I didn't, it would cost something like $2 for a roll that makes 2 or 3 baskets.
 One of the final products.  I made 3 of them that match.  I think they turned out quite nice and I still have plenty of wire to make more baskets.


"I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
— Marilyn Monroe