Monday, March 5, 2012

Movie Review: Courageous

Anyone who watched a lot of TV in the 80's will remember Kirk Cameron.  As he got older he, well, found religion.  A few years ago he teamed up with some people to make a movie called Fireproof.  It was about a husband addicted to pornography and how he overcame his addiction and strengthened his marriage through God's help.

The people who made that movie, have now followed it up with Courageous.  This one focuses on fatherhood and family bonds.  Just like Fireproof had a lot of non-denominational religion, Courageous is a little bit on the preachy side.  The two movies are also alike in that some of the actors are less than great.  Other than those two marks against it, Courageous is an amazing movie.  It's uplifting, with genuinely funny and tender moments, real drama and danger, and it leaves you wanting to be a better parent.  I found myself having renewed faith in men, and I came away with a smile on my face.

It's not a perfect movie (my husband said it was too long), but its imperfections rest in the imperfection of the actors and in the zealous message.  And even though it is zealous in that message, if you don't mind some talk of God or some talk of fatherhood - this is a great movie.  I will be recommending it to my family - I consider my brothers to be great fathers, but everyone needs a little inspiration here and there.

I'm giving this movie an A.  It's a low A, but it is an A.  Mostly because it made me laugh and it made me cry - over and over - and its message is honest and uplifting.

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